The New Generation of
Mechanical Seals

Neocooper Industrial Solutions is the Industrial Representation
of CinchSeal Seals in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg.

We are an independent sales office for innovative products in the
food, bulk, process and chemical industries.


As official importer of CinchSeal shaft seals, we offer a new product that eliminates any kind of leakage, does not cause any abrasion or wear and is completely maintenance free.

This is the new generation of mechanical seals!


CinchSeal shaft seals have significant advantages over packing seals and lipseals

Stop leaks and production losses

The unique and patented design of CinchSeal shaft seals eliminates any form of leakage and prevents loss of production.

No shaft wear and tear

CinchSeal mechanical seals work with a silicone elastomer that rotates with the shaft and protects the surface of the shaft from wear and abrasion.

Maintenance free

CinchSeal shaft seals work with an internal compression and an additional air barrier. As a result, the system adjusts itself and requires no maintenance works.

Durable and Energy efficient

A lifespan of more than 4 years in demanding conditions and 30% less energy consumption guarantee a positive return.

Hygienic and Sanitary

The sanitary design prevents contamination and meets the highest hygienic requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


CinchSeal shaft seals are also available as separable Split Seal version, which eliminates the need to dismantle the drive and bearings during installation.


CinchSeal shaft seals always work with the same principle and consist of three parts

The Silicone Elastomer

The patented silicone elastomer (Rubber Boot) clamps onto the shaft and rotates with the shaft. This is the core of the seal because the elastomer protects the shaft from wear and transmits the rotating movement of the shaft to the Rotor Cups.

The Rotor Cups

The Rotor Cups, made from PTFE and reinforced with Wollastonite, are the sealing discs that are driven by the Rubber Boot and turn with the shaft. Together with the housing, they form the sealing surface and seal off the machine on the product side and on the outside.

The Housing

The seal housing provides the internal compression and is equipped with an air purge, which supports the compression and ensures automatic adjustment. The housing can be made of anodised aluminium, mild steel or 304 & 316 stainless steel.


  • Chemistry

    In the petrochemical industry you will often find special mechanical seals such as cartridge seals, metal bellow seals and agitator/reactor seals. In addition, the shaft seals for this industry are often produced from materials that are resistant to chemical substances and high temperatures.
  • Dredging

    Think of mechanical seals for dredging application on the heavy duty seals. In the dredging industry, the shaft seal often has to endure a lot because it comes into contact with solid parts such as stones or clay.
  • Food

    The food industry, probably the largest customer of mechanical seals. This is of course not surprising, since a lot of food is consumed and produced on a daily basis.



Mixers & Agitators

Screw conveyors & Extruders

Rotary valves & Change valves

Mills & Crushers

Conveyors & Elevators

Dry & Cooling Towers and much more...




Chocolate, Bakery & Pastry, Crackers, Fruit & Vegetables, Cereals, Snacks, Sugar & Candy, Meat, Dairy & Cheese

Biological & Chemical Products

Batteries, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic & Polymers, Pulp & Paper, Rubber & Latex, Paints & Pigments

Bulk materials

Construction, Glass processing, Clay & Earth, Mining & Stone, Lime, Marl, Cement, Bitumen

Energy & Recycling

Wastewater treatment, Biogas

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Our mission: Increase your value of production

Neocoooper Industrial Solutions has been established in 2015 by Christian Wermeter and has specialised itself in increasing our clients' value of production. A professional support, starting from a thorough analysis of the situation and the development of a goal-oriented solution to the skilled mentoring during the installation process, builds the foundation of our work.

Top Service and Reliability are our core values. We'd walk through fire for our customers and would never let you stand in the cold.

Innovation and Efficiency are central for us. An innovative product must always create added value in the long term.

After 4 years in business, Neocooper Industrial Solutions has established itself on the market as an industrial sales agency and has acquired a broad portfolio of international customers. We are proud of this achievement, because it confirms that our honest and transparent work style is valued by our partners.

After a successful startup phase, we are since 2018 located in the Lebe Business Center at the Avantis business park Heerlen, next to the A76 motorway.


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